Sex and Education

Patrick Rizzotti’s set design is striking, with the linoleum-ugly green-and- white classroom floor curling up and taking off majestically at the upstage end to turn into giant book pages.
— New York Times / July 4, 2014

Japser In Deadland

Patrick Rizzotti’s simply designed yet surprisingly ornate set allows the stately building to be seen completely…
— Theatre Mania / March 27, 2014
…the creative team unleash their cleverness.
— New York Times / March 26, 2014

Elmer Gantry - OPERA America director-designer showcase winner

Winner of the 2013 OPERA America Director Designer Showcase.  Link to the Winter 2012 OPERA America Magazine Featuring ELMER GANTRY proposal. click here for article 



The relatively small cast excelled beautifully against a most interesting and minimal staging, including set pieces constructed of “found objects” like antique high-backed chairs and old cupboards and cabinetry, designed and assembled by Patrick Rizzotti.
— Christian Kriegeskotte. Opera Pulse. Jan. 30, 2012
Stage director Ted Huffman and set designer Patrick Rizzotti sent Hansel and Gretel down the rabbit hole with a set of chairs and cabinets in various bizarre configurations. They are dumped in a pile in Act I to suggest the family’s ramshackle hovel, hung from above in Act II to mimic the forest, and arranged in the finale as the walls of the Witch’s tasty cottage. It was a nontraditional setting to be sure, but it didn’t hinder the story for me. Even the last scene, (spoiler alert) where a table of sumptuous cakes and a miniature gingerbread house take the place of the candy house, worked for me. I hope it showed the many kids in the audience that you don’t need literal representation to capture meaning.
— Andrew Druckenbrod / Pittsburgh Post Gazette / Jan. 28, 2012